Deep in the Wood     (June 2016 Collaboration) part 1

Two Cents Bridal

Do you know what is amazing about being deep in the woods?…. You get this feeling of warm comfort while still being on edge, worried about dangers that hide deep in the woods. I want to place you in this setting. Once you are there, enjoy the collaboration from June 2016 a walk deep into the wood…….
Pushing through the branches in your horizon, the prickly sensation of the pine needles graze your finger tips and glide across your shoulders. The scratches from the pines and coarse bark create a burning fiery sensation across your skin. The clearing is within eye sight. As you walk past thick vegetation into an open space, your nostrils fill with the warm scent of sap and wet earth encapsulating your senses. A faint trickle of a distant creek makes for a symphony of music. Twirling in the fleeting bits of sunshine, a feeling of…

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