All About the Ending


It is really bitter sweet to reach the end. Any conclusion to a journey is met with joy and sorrow. Joy of an accomplishment and sorrow at the idea of concluding an amazing moment in time. This is how I feel as I pen the final moments in this tremendous journey. To say goodbye to the era and idea of the 1920’s glitz and glam can be hard to accept.

I am happy and proud to present the final images from Dove Photography.  Enjoy the breath taking work of the many vendors involved which transform us into the time of flappers and jazz.

Coordinating a styled wedding shoot, like the one done at James Ward Mansion, is like a couples dance. As the lead, you gently guide your partner around the dance floor. When choreographed well this dance of vendors becomes a masterpiece captured in a photograph.

Last week I was able to highlight many vendors. This week I am overjoyed to share the ace in my pocket. Bloom Allure is a fantastic floral group to work with. Karol designs fabulous floral creations by the ideas you describe. I am always blown away by how she can form floral arrangements to evoke feelings I wish to convey.

Love can be captured in many ways. Songs, poems, art, and/or photographs. Two Cents Bridal celebrates a love story forever immortalized through photography. While photographs can express a thousand words, they also evoke so much emotion. Today let us dwell on that idea of love, and where we see it in our lives.

Thank you for reading. Please follow and subscribe to see more styled shoots. Follow my approved vendors below! Contact information has been updated. Check in next week for more wedding madness!


Photography by:
Beauty Artist group

Makeup by:
(910) 409-1901

Floral by:
(908) 494- 3727

Accessories by:

Jewelry by:

(203) 243-0766
Instagram: @russellstuxedos
http://www.rtuxedowholesale.comPlanning/Coordination by:
(203) 449 4863


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