Students to Professionals

When we hear the word “student,” do we think inexperience? Today, I would like to change that thought of inexperience, to new potential or fresh perspective. Why? Students have much to offer including fresh ideas and newer techniques! I put my trust in, “newbies,” for the July styled engagement photo shoot and received amazing response to the results. Today I want to share my incredible student vendors with you!




Arika is a talented young woman with so much potential and great ideas. Scrolling through Arika’s instagram, a person quickly sees how impressive her portfolio is! While working with her during the engagement photo shoot and assisting on many others, I enjoyed watching her raw talent take over. Arika’s talent is not the only impressive quality. Working with Arika is a great joy because of her hard working nature and her dedication to the job! Please check out Arika’s instagram and July’s styled shoot to see her work. Contact her for your next event!


Julie is a student, currently working to be the best hair stylist she can be. Julie is a happy and caring person who works so well with clients. I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Julie on multiple styled shoots. At a young age, Julie already knows how to handle herself in a professional setting by her speech, preparedness, and punctuality. Julie’s knowledge on hair styling continues to increase day by day. Check out her work on July’s styled shoots, flower girl’s hair in September’s styled shoot, and on Instagram. Contact her for your next event!

Arika @arikawashere

Julie @nolooseends_

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the many approved vendors! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. @twocentsbridal



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