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 September 2016 er gstyled wedding collaboration ends with our final amazing vendors! Stick to the Budget created our dynamic invitation and paper products. ChicNoemi brought us our cute and stylish flower girl bag. Read their story and follow them on social media!

 Stick to the Budget

Meet Cheryl, she started “Stick to the Budget” to be able to pursue her lifelong dream of owning her own business. Cheryl loves everything related to weddings, parties, event preparation and décor. 

Cheryl’s intrigue and passion of the “handmade” came about because of necessity. As the first of five girls of immigrant parents, Cheryl’s  family didn’t have a lot of money and so repurposing and making something out of nothing became natural. It’s often said the “creativity is the mother of invention”, Cheryl can truly attest to that!


“Stick to the Budget” specializes in unique one-of-a-kind handmade invitations, favors, mini albums, keepsake books, and other event items. “Stick to the Budget” loves all things handmade and original. You shouldn’t settle for mass-produced and ordinary. Custom, unique and beautiful event items are within your reach and your budget. Budget is a reality for most of us! At “Stick to the Budget” they can help you in your quest for the perfect traditional or non-traditional handcrafted event items.    

“Our specialty is designing unique, stunning, original and detailed wedding invitations. We love challenges. No budget is too small for us to work with. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event.”

Stick to the Budget


At first Noemi only sewed and crafted for the family but when friends and family started to request custom orders she decided to open her Etsy store to share her passion for sewing and crafting with more people. The first order was from a total stranger from Canada and that gave Noemi the confidence to keep making more beautiful stuff and sale them to the world. Sewing makes her really happy and believe it or not is Noemi’s relaxing therapy!

Follow Noemi for more amazing creations!




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