I am so happy to introduce the amazing people I worked with for the September 2016 styled wedding shoot. Today I want you to take a peek into the lives of three artists who crafted beautiful visuals for us to enjoy! Meet our photographer, hairstylist, and makeup artists.

Jon DeNicholas

Meet the man behind the lens at

Jon is a sweet, fun loving photographer who, apart from photography, loves snowboarding, mountain biking, roller-blading, playing guitar and yo-yo-ing. Yes, you read correctly, yo-yo-ing.
On the top of his list is photography and cinematography. There is just something about capturing moments with friends and family that brings Jon the most joy! His knowledge of photography and cameras is impressive! Looking at DeNicholas’ work, you soon find his favorite subject to capture is his beautiful wife, Heather. Heather is a great supporter of Jonathan’s work. This great duo is simply wonderful to work with! 

Jon DeNicholas has been a professional cinematographer and photographer for over 10 years now. He currently specializes in photographing weddings, couples, events, and families. Jon’s joy comes from each unique opportunity to capture something that is special to the many people he meets. Right away you can tell Jon DeNicholas’ primary goal is to make sure that you not only have amazing photos from your session, but that you enjoy it and have fun as well! Jon never wants anyone to feel uncomfortable, or that they have to pose perfectly, or have every hair in place for pictures. In Jon’s words “This is all about you, so your pictures should be you!”

Please visit the links below to view the work of Jon DeNicholas and follow him on social media!
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Meet the girls behind the makeup brush and blow dryer!

Meet this fantastic duo. While these impressive women shine alone they are brilliant together! Let us start with Rose our ingenious Makeup Artist. 

Rose is a Makeup Artist who has a reputation of professionalism and dedication amongst her clients. I know how important it is to look your best on your special day. Her business continues to blossom because of referrals from the wonderful people she has worked with. Rose’s dedication to Makeup Artistry started in 2010. One of Rose’s wonderful qualities is that she takes the time to really listen to her clients and understand that every client wants to look beautiful without losing their identity. She works closely and tirelessly with each client to enhance their natural beauty by emphasizing their best features, be it keeping them as natural or as dramatic as they want to look.

The style of work Rose offers is to give clients a look that will compliment them and their lifestyle. As a professional makeup artist and a mother, Rose offers a unique kind of service. No matter your age, she will treat you the way she would want her daughter to be treated on this very special day.  Check her out today and call: 860-305-1434 or 203-828-0753.

 Let us continue with the acquaintances. Abbe is a creative artist and hair is her medium. Abbe is a traveling hairstylist based out of Glastonbury, CT and is an independent Hairstylist. Abbe has been in the beauty industry for several years. Working with Abbe you immediately realize how immersed and focused she is in her element! Abbe continues to advance in her field, always growing with new techniques. While perfection is her goal, her compassion and kindness towards her clients is her top priority! Abbe listens and educates all her clients. 
If you want a hairstylist who’s main objective is your happiness and will cater to your needs you have found it with Abbe! You can contact her directly for your hair needs. You can contact her via phone, Facebook, or Instagram. Phone: (860) 912-9112


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