All in the Writing 

In the digital age, penmanship may not seem to leave an impression, but the truth is that we are still ‘drawn’ to this art form. Even though it’s cheaper to send an evite, we choose to pay the big bucks to enjoy this elegant display. Weddings are the time in our lives we can put forth true elegance. Calligraphy embodies elegance. Meet Tina, a talented calligrapher who transforms ordinary paper into a beautiful work of art. Tina is featured in our July 2016 vendor collaboration. This country themed styled shoot is breath taking!

The Pretty Bow Boutique

When Tina was younger, she enjoyed drawing and penmanship. It wasn’t until Tina was older that she was determined to take this craft seriously. Influenced by other facets of art has lead to her creating a unique style all her own. The turning point in her journey was attending the “Society of Scribes” which lead to her seeking an opportunity to merge her love of calligraphy with the art of drawing.  Enjoy her creations in our recent styled shoot! Check out her portfolio below.


1(347) 709-6016


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