Share an Adventure 

Does the thought of new experiences and destinations excite you? Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you and your loved one enjoy being adventurous? If so why not try an unconventional honeymoon! 

Big extravagant honeymoons are the trend, but why not go off the beaten path and try something new? Instead of booking the flight to a fancy resort, why not pull out the camping equipment, get an oil change, and hit the open road! Being in the US, you have a large array of landscapes to explore. Why not pick 3-5 you can road trip to. Exploring nature and setting up a campsite can be therapeutic, and bring you two closer as a couple. Learning to rely on the land and each other while working together, creates a stronger team.

Camping across the US has a rustic romantic feel to it! Of course I don’t recommend this for anyone new to the outdoors. If you have a lot of time, why not try back packing along a mountain chain like the Appalachian Mountains? I enjoy nature and being outside, so this kind of venture uplifts me. What kind of vacation relaxes or excites you? Leave me a comment below or on FB Instagram or Twitter @twocentsbridal I look forward to hearing from you! Until then check out my recent road trip. We took a short hike to the top of the Smokey Mountains in NC. Thanks for reading.


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