The Art of Food

Have you ever had a meal that, once it’s touched your tongue you were inspired? Something so tasty, so delectable you can’t get enough? Do you remember events by the food surrounding the event? Yes? You may be a foodie. As such, I implore you to clear your schedule and sign in to your Netflix account, it’s time to binge!

 ‘Chefs Table‘ has taken over my world and I hope it takes over yours. This documentary series is inspired! The director shows his true genius when he opens the whole of these world acclaimed chefs. The artistry and thought process that goes into each dish these chefs produce makes each viewer completely rethink what they choose to ingest.

After viewing this documentary series, choosing a catering service for weddings has shifted in priority. The art of eating has changed, so again I encourage you to check out Chefs table on Netflix before booking a caterer! If you had the budget…. Have your shower, rehearsal dinner, or a very small wedding at one of these fine establishments. It would be a culinary experience of a life time. I was thinking for a true foodie, how fun a honeymoon traveling to one of these top restaurants would be. Just you and your loved one experiencing new tastes and flavors while exploring the world!

As you have seen Chefs table has taken my life by storm! What have you been doing that has enthralled your world? Tell me about it! And like me on Facebook Two Cents Bridal and follow me on Instagram @twocentsbridal for more wedding inspiring photos!


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