Artist Behind Creation 

Ideas are nothing if they do not have a proper artist. That is why I choose only the best. The hair and makeup artists enhance the beauty of the photographed, while the photographer captures emotions and atmosphere. When staging Into the Wood June 2016 I chose masterful vendors who I felt could tell this story. Now let’s hear their stories…

Rudy Villalona 

Rudy & Stacy Villalona are a couple whose passion is photograhing people at their best. Both have been working with cameras for over 12 years with a background in digital editing and film production. They are self proclaimed foodies, have a passion for travel, and helping people live better lives through bible based education. Working with Rudy has been a pleasure and a true testament to his professional demeanor. Rudy’s true talent is working with the models. The comfort and happiness he exuded, brought a relaxed atmosphere for the couple involved. Because Rudy spends the time putting a couple at ease during a photo shoot, he has the ability to capture real emotion and tender affection in his photographs. This is a team you want to work with again and again!

Twitter: @rudyvillalona 

Instagram: @rootedmedia

Shannon McKee

Shannon’s career as a stylist started after graduating from the North Haven Academy in 2010. She has always been intrigued by the fast growing and ever evolving hair industry. In her journey she has joined the team at Sweet Dees Beauty Parlour in Wolcott, Connecticut. Their mission is to not only help clients, but to also reach out and help the community around them. With every event, wedding and service, the salon donates a percentage to local animal shelters. “We’re hair for a cause.”  She is so willing to help in anyway she can, and it was seen in the prep work for our June 2016 shoot when our makeup artist had to cancel last minute. Shannon stepped up an took over makeup in addition to hair styling. We are so thankful for her quick to action attitude, and her sweet dealings with all involved. Shannon is a person you can count on for her reliability and a joy to have on the team!


Facebook: Shannon McKee

Please check back next Tuesday for more fantastic vendors from our June 2016 collaboration! Thanks for reading 

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