What’s in the agenda?

Schedule, agenda, or planner are all terms we use in life to get things done. They say if you don’t write down your goals they are merely dreams. I don’t want to just dream. Rather let’s set and complete goals! That’s what I am doing, and you, my readers are my accountability police, so buckel down and let’s make some lists! 

photo credit pixabay.com
What do you want to accomplish in the next week, month, or year? Where do you want to be with your relationship, wedding, or personally in a year? Questions like theses are how we all can set goals and plan. So what goals will you make today? What plan will you set in motion? I for one, am making plans for this blog! I have big hopes and dreams (goals!) for it. But for right now I am setting up plans for the next four months. 

1. I would like to publish a post every Tuesday and Friday.

If I don’t schedule, it won’t happen. Now you the audience, know when to “check in.” I can’t disappoint my audience.

2. Every other Tuesday I would like to re-blog another inspirational blog!

Sharing and exploring is how we grow. With this principle in mind, I want to search and share writers and artists that will teach us and move us! I am very excited about the sharing process.

3. Finally I would like Friday to be dedicated solely to collaborations and my amazing recommended vendors/venues!

I want the majority of my content featuring the people who can be trusted for your wedding. It’s hard to find credible vendors/venues, so I want this blog to be a safe zone for brides!

All in all, these few goals scratch the surface of my year goals. Now what about you? How will you improve yourself? What steps will you put in place to meet the next steps in your life? It’s time to really look at our direction in life and ask ourselves if we are headed in the right direction? So let today be a day of reflection and self awareness. Look at the big picture. Tell me one new goal you have placed in your life or in wedding planning because when we share our goals they become real and we have accountability. Let us  become accountable to each other! I look forward to reading your goals in the comment section below and/or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Thank you for reading! 
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