Weddings, Part One: Being A Bridesmaid

The Mind Of Mo

So, as of writing this, I’m not married. In fact, I’m not even engaged. I have zero experience with planning a wedding (outside of my Pinterest obsession and hours spent daydreaming about the topic in general).

I have, however, been involved in quite a few weddings now, both as a guest and as a bridesmaid. Never been a Maid of Honor (which, I’ve learned, might actually be a blessing) but none the less, I’ve hit that phase in my life where all of my friends are getting married.

I am presenting this article in two parts, as I need to vent about some of my wedding peeves and the general do’s and don’ts that I’ve been witnessing through these experiences. To start, I want to discuss how to be a good bridesmaid. Eventually, I’ll tell you how to be a good wedding guest. These things both seem straightforward and obvious……

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  1. rissa0421 says:

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love to share great writers! 😉


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