If you noticed, the feed has been dry this week. I have been backed up…. Last week was free dental day at work, and for those who know, I am a dental hygienist. That doesn’t mean I want you to come up to me and start pointing to where in your mouth it hurts. Lol. I tell you this because I worked free dental day at work and loved it! I got into hygiene to help people and this day of giving really made a difference in people’s lives! So many underprivileged people come to get a cleaning or restorative dentistry that day. It’s made me think, what other ways can we give? Today I want to speak about ways our weddings can help others. Let’s see where we can sacrifice our preference to better someone else’s. 

picture credit to pixabay.com

Being selfless brings more joy to our lives than selfishness. How can we help when planning our wedding? Give students a chance! In what ways? Instead of going to a professional with years of experience, give that chance to experience real planning to a student or recent graduates. Besides getting charged way lower costs, with these newbes you get the satisfaction of helping a broke student start their career with real life experience! Florist, cake designer, hair stylist, or even makeup artists, they all need experience right out of the gate and desperately need someone to take a chance on them. Call a local school that teaches one of these trades and explain to the director you want the top of the class for your wedding. Speak to the student or recent graduates, if it’s right, pull the trigger!

picture credit to Omar Heredia and floral Bloom Allure

How else can you help your fellow man? Think outside the box. Speak to your venue or caterer and ask them to save any leftover food from the buffet or plated food. This way it can be sent to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Going out of your way not only helps those in need but can help the wallet. Any food donated will be a tax write off! We don’t do it for the write off but it does help us in giving more. Don’t stop there! Donate flowers and arrangements to shelters or hospitals. It will brighten their day and keep hope alive. It reminds people that someone is still thinking of them even if it’s a stranger…

picture credit to pixabay.com

What other ideas do you have for helping people it doesn’t have to be wedding related I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the section below with your idea on how to give or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter tag me and use the hashtag #bigheartsgive . Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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