What do you think?

Today is going to be a little different… Normally I share tips, trends, or trusted wedding vendors/venues but now I want to hear from my audience! For many of you planning your wedding you can feel stressed or alone, but I want to take that fear from you and exchange it with reassurance.

 What questions worry as you plan your wedding? 

What event or idea is persuading you to elope or give up on the wedding process? 

Are you worried about traditions or wedding etiquette? 

Are you worried about finding trust worthy venues or vendors? 

Are you scared when you hear wedding nightmare stories? 

Tell me them all. I want to give you a personal response! Leave your responses in the comment section below or on social media like Twitter or Instagram @twocentsbridal. You can also write responses on my Facebook page Two Cents Bridal. 

One of the fears I hear from brides is… Planning can be stressful! What relieves that load besides a start to finish planner? “Day of Coordinator.” Some wedding planners do this, so be sure to ask.For me when I work with a bride on as “day of coordinator” the planning has already been set in place by the bride ahead of time. (I show up for the last 24hrs of the wedding process) They choose to do this because they worry about the cost of a wedding planner and/or feel they can find better deals/hacks for their wedding on their own, but still do not want the headache of putting the pieces together on their wedding day. I provide a smooth experience on their big day. I meld the plans a bride has put together and keep them together so the bride can be worry free. Day of coordinator is becoming more popular for brides who want less stress on their wedding day but want to avoid the higher costs of a planner. I do want to emphasize how wonderful it is to have a planner from start to finish but I am not niiave in thinking everyone can afford it. Asking questions like the ones at the beginning of this article can relieve worry or fear  and bring out solutions you have not thought of like a “day of coordinator.”  Please ask do not be shy! Asking can only help. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @twocentsbridal and like us on Facebook at Two Cents Bridal. To follow this blog and get notifications subscribe to WordPress and follow me at the bottom right hand! Thanks for reading and enjoy more pictures from my recent vendors photo shoot I coordinatated!

the team behind the May 2016 Vendor Approved Photo Shoot


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