My Sweet Tooth Is Aching 

You glide down the aisles of the store when you notice a distinct pattern… You find yourself repeatedly walking through the sweetest part of the store, the candy aisle! Your fingers graze across the glossy plastic of that bag of sweets that you oh so love! That chocolate or gummy taste you enjoy so much is the subject for today! Candy, we love it and have to have it. So why not incorporate it into out next big event?!? Candy buffets have become a new staple in the wedding reception festivities. It is an older trend that I truly love, because you can enjoy it  at the wedding or take it home! With any feature and/or focal point, good planning is important. Have a clear idea of how you want the buffet to look, so you can carry it throughout planning and buying items. Now it’s time to start your planning process. Think about your attendance. Ask yourself:

 Is your wedding 18 and older? 

 If you have children attending, how many? 

 Is the majority people who like sweet or savory? 
This knowledge will help you plan what types of sweets to get and the amount to get. The more children/teenage the more candy is needed. You may ask how much candy should I get per person? This can be a very hard question to answer because that will depend on how many children are there vs adults, and when you decide to serve the candy (either at the beginning of the wedding reception or towards the end). Another factor is the gift bag size you provide guests. 
Some say 50lbs per 100 guests but this system can be flawed. Sometimes candy that can be split between more people can be lighter weight while some candy that is heavy cannot be divided equally between guests. Acquiring the proper candy among can be tricky but it’s better to have more candy than not enough. So if you wanna follow the 50lbs to 100 guests rule make sure all your candy can divide up well. For example gummy bears tend to be heavier in weight and still divide up well for guests if not packaged individually but gum balls can be lighter and take up more room in a gift bag which can skew the lbs rational. Over all I have found sticking to the 50lbs per 100 guests to balanced but still allows for extra candy in the end of the reception and like I said before its better to leave with extras.
Once you start adding up the cost you can see that candy tables can quick add up $$$$ especially when trying to get premier candy or color matching candy. This is when life hacking comes into play!

 Getting candy on sale or from holiday clearance section can be bigger saving than buying in bulk. Take time to know the market by shopping around in store and online. 

Try an rent as many items as you can like tables, table cloths and containers for candy.

Search second hand and consignment shops for glassware and other container to hold candy

Borrow as many items from friends and family. It is surprising how many people have beautiful glassware to put your candy on display

Can’t afford as much candy buy smaller gift bag so each guest can only get a smaller amount of candy
Small touches can really make your table pop. If you have a friend or family member who is great at lettering, make beautiful signs that instruct guests about the buffet table. You can also cut out your initials for a personal touch! Side note… Have boxes and sturdy structures handy to place under the tablecloth in ordered to elevate the candy display in appealing spots.
All in all, making a candy table is fun. It brings joy to so many guests and is a great highlight to a wedding. Today more and more people are transforming this idea of a candy table into a buffet table that compliments the couples tastes like… Cupcake bar, ice cream Sunday bar and many other clever ideas. So tell me what is your favorite adaptation of the candy buffet you like! What trouble have you hand making a candy table? Leave your answers in the comment section below and follow us on Instagram @twocentsbridal for some inspiring bridal photos. Like us on Facebook at Two Cents Bridal and follow us on Twitter @twocentsbridal for the latest updates! Thanks for reading.
Pictures are from a wedding candy table I recently did hope you like!


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