Meet the Team May 2016

Half of the crew May 2016

Today, I want to show you the amazing crew behind the photo shoot presented on May 27th. These creative individuals came together to make a masterpiece and I want to share a little bit about them! 

Kirsten Gray- Venue

Instagram: @klggff

Facebook: Gray Friesian Farm LLC

Kirsten Gray was born and raised in Germany. Kirsten’s experience with horses reaches back to her early years when she was placed on a horse at the age of five. As you can imagine, it transformed her world! Kirsten is the owner of Gray’s Friesian Farm and runs the daily activities with her warm and kind family. These hospitable people have created an environment of serenity that you can enjoy as you gaze across nature’s wonders. Ride across various terrains. Open fields, windy trails, and forest become your backdrop to a magnificent day. The farm showcases a beautiful barn and an indoor arena for riding. So the dilemma, is choosing to ride a majestic horse through the incredible surrounding, or attempting to capture it all in your wedding/engagement photos for all to see…. My vote, do it all!

Omar Heredia- Photographer

Instagram: @omar_Heredia

(Omar Heredia is pictured in the group photo, he is the man in a navy shirt)

Omar Heredia is an innovative photographer who is located in New York State. While he enjoys capturing the tender moments of love, Omar’s primary focus is volunteering his time at Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson, NY. In working with this imaginative mind I saw the genuine humility this man holds. Omar is the definition of a gentleman which is not a trait found often. Even with his masterful way with photography, his ego has not engulfed him. This prompt photographer gently guided his models into position, then encapsulated their intimate love. I was impressed at Omar’s vision when it came time to capturing emotions the couple had. Omar did not think twice when he had to lie on the dusty ground to get a shot. His work is quality with care. Omar, also, has a demeanor that allows for a serene working environment. It is breathtaking to watch this photographer at work and to see his finished results. So, if you crave a photographer of integrity, kindness, and creativity you have found it in Omar!

Karol Ruiz- Florist

Instagram: @bloomallure

Bloom Allure creator Karol Ruiz
From the moment I spoke to Karol on the phone to the time we officially met her, kind professionalism and attention to detail was prevalent throughout our experience together. This sweet, family oriented woman is hardworking and diligent. This New Jersey native graduated from New York School of Flower Design and since has dived into the floral world with her Bloom Allure company. Karol is able to create awe inspiring arrangements from just a couple of descriptive words. Founder of Bloom Allure, Karol, was able to extract the ideas from my mind and make spectacular physical works of art! Karol’s designs cannot be categorized into one specific style because of her versatility. She has a vast knowledge of floral arrangements and floral techniques. I love to see designers who can create delicate arrangements that have a great powerful presence and Karol is one of those designers. Karol is a prompt and detail oriented professional that I enjoyed working with and you will too!

Kim Taylor- Jewelry Designer, Hand Engraver, Goldsmith

Facebook: Work of Hands

Instagram: handengraver79

Kim Taylor working in her shop at Work of Hands
Kim Taylor owner and founder of Work of Hands and TNT Unlimited started down her artistic career in 1985. Her years of experience has flourished into a fabulous journey in hand engraving and as a gold smith. Born and raised in CT this artisan 

has been able to focus her career on one of a kind pieces of art you can wear. From a custom engagement ring to an engraved name, Kim will only give you the best! Kim is the type of artist that really listens to her clients to understand their true wants and desires. You can feel the love Kim puts into every project she makes. Her kind and gentle demeanor is evident in every dealing with her. Kim is the picture of sweet and attentive. Her customer service cannot be beat. She has a way of making your every need special. I am astounded to see she does not compromise her quality in any piece she makes. When you work with Kim from Work of Hands, you are guaranteed a work of art that will last a life time. 

Ashley Cruz- Cosmetologist, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists

Facebook: Eiffel Beaute by Ashley Cruz 

Instagram: Eiffel_beaute

Ashley Cruz owner of Eiffel Beaute
At a young age Ashley Cruz was in love with the beauty world. With certainty this young child had her mind fixated on becoming a hair and makeup expert. Starting out in cosmetology, this Connecticut go getter now has extensive training through various academies under her stylish belt! Her passion and tenacity has pushed her into a rewarding career. She also became owner of Eiffel Beaute an award winning company of the Knot. Because of her wide range of training Ashley is able to highlight a clients best features while transforming them into the best vision of themselves! It’s great to watch Ashley work with hair/makeup and see the cogs turning as she manipulates hair or a makeup brush to her liking. Ashley has a masterful technique that she brings to the table with an enthusiastic ferocity. Over all Ashley’s mission with Eiffel Beaute is to provide a stress free atmosphere where a bride and her friends can prepare for their big day in the comfort of their own home or bridal suite.

During the entire photo  shoot I had wonderful help from two assistants. My sister Jennifer DaSilva who is a hard working young woman and Hannah Leahy who is a diligent and dedication. With their help we were able to proceed with as few hiccups as possible!

Thank you for learning more about these beautiful people! Until next time… Follow this blog by entering your email on the lower right hand corner. Like us on Facebook at Two Cents Bridal and/or follow us on Twitter/Instagram @twocentsbridal 


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