With the warm weather rolling in, I am happy to unveil my secret project! With the hard work and devotion from many fellow workers, I am proud to present…Two Cents Bridal’s first photo shoot collaboration! Featuring show stopping bridal vendors in the tri- state area! In a past post I spoke about times in my life that I or a friend had issues with a vendor because of not putting the effort in to see their track record. This thought spurred on the idea of bringing professional and reliable people together for the public. Starting this month I will share a photo shoot with you in which I coordinate with some amazing people to present you vendors you can trust! I plan to use real brides/engaged couples, (not trained models), so you can see the raw talent these vendors bring to a real couple. This way you can get a good sense of their work in order to make good decisions in planning your big day!This months Two Cents Bridal collaboration takes place in a majestic place. The venue chosen is the essence of what I love so much about CT. The area will surround you in a green and golden haven that will tempt you to stay and dream forever. The beauty I describe to you is Grays Friesian Farm. It houses wide open fields, thick luscious woods, whimsical horses and so much more. To capture these amazing moments I chose the masterful Omar Heredia. Omar was perfect for artfully catching the atmosphere of this warm equestrian farm. His creative talents brought the hard work of all our vendors to life so everyone can enjoy. Without his diligence we would have missed so much beauty from our creative vendor, chosen couple and the spectacular equestrian farm.

To brighten the already beautiful venue and models was our artistic florist Karol Ruiz from Bloom Allure. When I spoke to Karol about how I wanted the flowers to highlight and accompany the country whimsical feel of this farm, Karol went above and beyond. She is a delight to work with and masterful in her craft. Karol brings life to your ideas and dreams!

After setting the stage for a spectacular background we needed to attend to the sweetest couple, Trevor and Larissa. Trevor and Larissa were recently engaged, which is clearly seen by their great love that emits forth from the shoot! Larissa’s delicate features were enhanced by hair and makeup expert Ashley Cruz from Eiffel Beaute. Ashley transforms a girl into what she pictures herself to be on her wedding day through her vast and creative hair/makeup techniques. 

This whimsical country photo shoot was enhanced with masterfully crafted jewelry by Work of Hands creator Kim Taylor. Kim was able to capture this theme with a Twig collection you can find on her online store. This collection gives a nice earthy, organic feel that I love! Kim is an amazing artist, who is able create amazing works of art you can wear. Kim is kind and the perfect person to give your jewelry needs and trust!

Together with these amazing people we were able to create engagement photos that look award winning. These vendors made something you see in Brides magazine. If you want an experience that will be with you for your life, I highly recommend contacting these vendor to get a magazine-worthy event! Want a wise way to spend your wedding budget? Book your engagement or wedding photos at Grays Friesian Farm and use Two Cents Bridal approved vendors today! 

Everyone I worked with is someone I would be happy to work with again, so check out our hard work. Like us on social media, share your excitement with friends, and tell us what you think! Call me if you want your shoot coordinated, I will find you the best! 

If it’s not Two Cents Bridal approved better not use!

Thank you for reading and enjoy more pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @TwoCentsBridal til next time! Don’t forget to follow this blog to see more to come!

Check out Facebook or Instagram: 

Location: Grays Feisian Farm @klggff


Photographer: Omar Heredia @omar_heredia


Hair & Makeup: Ashley Cruz @effiel_beaute


Floral: Karol Ruiz @bloomallure 

               (908)494-3727  http://instagram.com/bloomallure

Jewelry: Kim Taylor @handengraver79


Coordinator: Stephanie Taylor @twocentsbridal


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  1. Tay says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am so incredibly blown away by this. I knew you’d put together and incredible event, but this is unreal. I wish I could do my wedding over again after seeing all of this! This is like a professional shoot you’d find in a magazine, so incredibly dreamy! Well done Steph!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

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