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Today I am piggy backing off my last post. We are focusing on fun little gifts for the wedding. This post is talking about one gift set I am crazy about, that you can use in many ways! Recently, it has become common to have a lingerie party or panty party in addition to the bachelorette party. If you’re a bridesmaid/bride planning a shower, panty party, or getting bridal party gifts, I found a company that offers a cute, affordable favor solution. It’s this cute little company called Jamberry, which allows you to accessorizes your nails without the high cost of salons! Let’s face it, we all have been in the situation where we want the cool designs the nail salons offer without the higher cost to get it done.

Scratch the salon! Add this as a favor or make your panty party a spa night enjoying face masks, Jamberry nail designs, and cucumber water! I love spa nights, finger sandwiches, and tea. It’s so relaxing. Side note…To add a little fancy element to your spa night, get edible flowers from whole foods. Put them in an ice tray and fill with water to have an elegant ice cube that will have your guests impressed! Jamberry gets everyone together doing their nails while relaxing, and enjoying a fun time with friends. If you’re worried about having wet nails for spa night…. Guess what? Another benefit of the Jamberry nail set is the NO dry time… wrap, apply heat, and go!

If you are like me you want your bridesmaids and maid of honor’s appearance to be uniform. I had my bridesmaids get matching nail polish for hands and toes, which I provided. I wish I knew about Jamberry, it would have simplified the whole process. It would have been a simple way to gift my bridal party and have us looking sharp! I recommend using the designs to compliment the bridal party dresses or even your wedding dress. If you can get the flower girl to sit still long enough, have her nails match too! That would make for the cutest wedding photo you will cherish for a long time!

I love practical small gifts like these to give to guests, family, or the bridal party. I am always on the search for new, cute ideas for favor/gifts. If you find something that you know I would love, tag me through Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram @twocentsbridal. Follow my blog to get more great planning ideas! 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…. My secret project I have been working on will drop on this blog on FRIDAY! Start getting excited for Friday because I can’t wait!!! Until next time.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I totally love this idea!!!!

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