Walk through the wood

This is my little Willow!

Walking my little pup Willow, aka the Bean, I tried to look at my surroundings as potential locations for photos and was pleasantly surprised! As I walked through a local walking trail I realized how many amazing areas there are in CT for engagement/wedding photos. Let’s dish on ideas of photos.

From my perspective the critical part in plan any event is how you capture the whole thing. How you remember much of the event is looking back on photos, which show the importance of through photo planning. What is the checklist for capturing a moment in time? Well I am glad you asked for my two cents

1. See what style of photographs you like

  •   This is where Pinterest is so helpful! Be careful you might get sucked into Pintrest for hours comparing photo and styles. When you have Pinned for a while look back at your progress to see a theme. You might see multiple if your indecisive. Have you Pinned photos that are warm and earthly photos or dark and urbane?
  •  Now that you have narrowed your style down… Can you see yourselves and your special someone posing in that style? Sometimes a style you like is not what you would like to see yourself portrayed as. For example maybe you love the country glam photos on Pintrest, but you feel it would be out of left field to dress up in cowboy boots and take engagement photos at a barn because as a couple your not very country. It’s not wise to be in “costume” for photos that are so significant.

phot credit pixabay.com
2. Research photographers who capture your style

  •  There are many photographers but the best way to narrow down candidates is to review their portfolio. As you screw through their portfolio does it match up with your selective style? Would you Pin anything from his/her portfolio to your selected style board? If not swipe left and keep on moving. 
  •  Always check reviews and see if you can contact past clients to see if they enjoyed working with your photographer. Have a list of important questions to interview your potential photographer. Like… Do I get the rights to the photos taken or do I have to go through the photographer to get prints? Know what is included with the photographer and any hidden fee that could come up. In the end don’t rush this decision.

3. Pick out key poses you would like to be included and send it to the photographer

  •  Again review you inspiration boards for ideas and poses and be sure to discuss with the photographer. If it’s poses or ideas for wedding photos, you’re discussion should also include any wedding party or family that could be involved in those key photos.

4. Get a location that means something

  •  To me, this is very important. Take a day off with your fiancée and do a road trip of memories. You might find significant places from your past would be great back drops for photos of your engagement or wedding. Make this a fun day of planning with nothing stressful included! The more you explore your local surrounding the more you maybe surprised with what you find. 

My hike in Trumbull, CT
Hike through an underpass.

5. Be sure to include family/friends you want to be remember 

  •  When you look back on photo 5…no 10 years from now, who must you share your memories with? Be sure to have me around for photos. Maybe have a couple ideas lined up on how you will capture their friendship in a photograph.

picure credit from pixabay.com

6. Leave room in your budget for production of photos

  •  Everyone remembers to have a photographer but almost everyone forgets to include money to print photos. If you don’t leave room for this you will be like most couples without a wedding book 5 years after the wedding.

After this little talk take the key points and have fun with your photo and be yourself. This is the fun process creating physical memories! I am gonna get back to my walk. Peace out my devoted follower.

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