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So…. Major apologies for the drought in posts. I am working on a major project that I am super excited to be sharing in the near future with you! But I wanted to talk about what inspired this new super secret project. It’s actually the very reason I started this blog. I want to talk about reviews! Two cents time… Reviews are crucial, DO NOT INGORE THEM! When planning a wedding or any big event picking vendors/venues can make or break any event. Talking from a multitude of experience, a bad vendor can bring heart ache to a party. Most of the time there are MANY red flags you will notice before booking. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s unavoidable. But let’s look at 3 Major red flags…

1. What is their Star Rating on…. Yelp, Google?

 If they are 3 stars or lower, tread with caution! What is the top complaint in the comments? Don’t INGORE it. Bring it up when speaking to the representative of the vendor/venue. Ask how they will work to resolve the multiple complaints and your concerns. If their response is not reassuring walk away!!! 

 Don’t be fooled with 5 star ratings. On multiple occasions I have seen a perfect rating and notice that it was because not enough costumers have rated the vendor/venue. But the worse offense I have encountered was an establishment using their own staff to bump up ratings! I only noticed this because as I read outstanding reviews for a five star venue I notice the names for the Yelp accounts were the same names of staff members I met dealing with the establishment. Also, I have taken management classes that focus on online reputation. The sad thing with most of these classes, they do not teach that the company should rectify the online complaints, but encouraged them to dispute complaints from rating sites and to add better reviews from staff, friends, and family. Again it’s hard to trust what you read because management company’s find loop holes for bad companies to look good. Ask for references from five previous clients you can speak to. If they cannot come up with clients maybe this is not the vendor or venue for you.

2. When you visit or call the venue/vendor do they try to accommodate you or do they treat you like one amongst a million.

  • If they are a good business person you and your needs should be first. Even if what you ask is not possible they should try to do everything in there power to make it as close to what you want or need. You can tell what a good attitude is like and if your not sensing it from square one walk away or be ready for trouble throughout the planning process.

3. How do they respond to change?

  • Don’t book after the first encounter. Make them work for it. Make some obstacles that are inconvenient. Don’t be a jerk, but see how they handle a change in schedule or mix up. Do they try to work with you or do they make trouble. How they respond shows how they will be throughout your big event.

Why do I bring this up? Because it’s happened to me multiple times and to those close to me. Recently a friend ignored signs because she was distracted with beauty over quality of service and with all three red flags afore mentioned the establishment flunked. It was a source of pain every step of the way, and was apparent to guests at the event. You can choose location over quality of service but your sacrifice might be greater then you expect!

Another reason I have started with this subject after my brake from writing is because I want to help weed out potential disaster vendors/venues with my upcoming project. so stay tuned! Remember be buyer conscious, read reviews and don’t jump into any decision.

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