Destination: Engagement

imageThe spring air is all around us! Breath it in, so fresh and so new.
With this wonderful spring air comes wedding season and ENGAGEMENTS!
Have you gotten recently engaged? Wonderful! Now you may be asking what do I do now?!?
Well newly engaged, take a breath. Seriously take a breath! At this point you are going a mile a minute and you have forgotten to take a couple breaths.
Have you taken your breath… Now what? Now you have to check in on your engagement honeymoon. “Engagement honeymoon” you may ask yourself? Yes you must take this time and act like you’re on a honeymoon. Many get right into the throws of wedding planning and I caution everyone not to start for TWO WEEKS! This moment, this feeling cannot be replicated so take the time off to enjoy it. Really embrace the love and make it about only celebrating your committed love. Buy lots of champagne and rejoice with your love, family, and friends.
Once you really have gotten a chance to appreciate the steps you and your lover have made, you can sit down and talk about what you want out of a wedding. Have your tablet out, or if you favor being old fashioned, a pen and paper… Write down the feeling you want to have at your wedding! Don’t forget your guests. What do you want them to feel at your wedding? What feeling or thoughts do you want them to come away with? Exciting/fun, class/elegance, or sentimental/romantic?
If you have an idea of what you want the feel of the wedding to be it will be easier to budget and pick out activities for your wedding. Maybe you want a fun wedding. You may realize that what you think of as a fun wedding is lots of dancing. Knowing this means you can create a wedding from this idea. How do you do this? A wedding surrounded by dancing needs a big dance floor with lots of people. You want the bigger part of the budget to go to a venue with a good dance floor, great DJ, and photographer who can capture that. You can cut the budget on things like food maybe only having a cocktail hour and no dinner to make time for more dancing.
Once you know what “feeling” you want for the wedding every choice you make ask yourself… Will this enhance the ______ feeling I want for my wedding? If not, could I cut it out so my budget could go somewhere else? I find this very important because people can get too focused on other people’s expectations and wedding “rules”. That stuff is NOT important. What is important, is the feeling you come away with in the end. Will you look back at your wedding with content or regret?
Next on your checklist is the date/budget! When do you want to get married and when can you afford to get married? With that date, what would you like your wedding to cost? Once the budget is made, write it next to the “feeling” of your wedding and stick to it! If you make exceptions soon your budget will have unraveled.
On this piece of paper you have “feel”, date, budget, and now wedding party. Choosing a bridal party is serious and may take days to pick, but take the time to wisely pick who you want to represent and support the love you enjoy with your significant other. You don’t have to explain your choice to ANYONE! Don’t feel pressured to include someone out of tradition or obligation. This should be a group you really want to have around you all day at your wedding and forever in wedding pictures. If you have a big party or a small party, that is your choice and be proud of it!
Once you have filled in those blanks it’s time to get to work with the finer details. For those finer details check in on Monday for my official Two Cents Bridal checklist! Look forward to sharing some time with you on Monday! I hope you enjoy my two cents on handling an engagement. Also comment or tweet me the best proposal story you know and I’ll post the best on Friday!
Have any questions? Send them my way and if they are popular enough they may become a topic on my next post! You can click follow at the lower right hand side of this page to get notifications about my next post. Also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @TwoCentsBridal. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great article! I enjoyed reading it, but felt like I just had to tell the reader to just simply call us, and we will take care of the A to Z of your wedding! Don’t worry at all! 🙂 Kathy Z Wedding Planner

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