Spotlight on Spring

What a bright and wonderful day to talk about my favorite subject! Dresses!
So I don’t know about you, but I feel the best and most enjoyable time in your wedding perpetrations is dress shopping!!!! Maybe if I got to wear big and luxurious dresses every weekend this subject may not have such a grasp on my heart…..but since I don’t, let’s dive in. I am so excited!
This season you canNOT open a bridal magazine or search on Pinterest without seeing elegant, lacey, and airy dresses. This seasons trend I like to describe as delicate. This has to be my favorite trend. Intricate, lacey designs that look delicate to the touch. Super feminine soft but at the same time strong, elegant, and classic! These dresses give you that light and airy feel.

In the past when you heard the word lace, most young ladies would put their noises up to the idea because of the matronly connotation. Rest assured this is not your mothers lace! The 2nd biggest trend is what makes these lacey and airy dresses anti-matronly. It is the illusion of strategically placed fabric to show skin! I truly feel this trend is coming from the designers who dress celebrities. Take a look at any awards show in the past couple years and you will see at least one celebrity with the well placed fabric and cut outs. I see the red carpet looks leaking into bridal and why shouldn’t it! Don’t you wish you could wear a red carpet look!?! Now you can in white!
Also, back show stoppers have been a feature to the most dazzling dresses this season. While most want the front of the dress to be jaw dropping many designers have chosen to add gorgeous back details to die for. This wonderful trend… I am loving! It’s elegant and sexy all in one. I just can’t say anything more supportive about this look.
Something you will also see in your dress search is a Spanish influence. This is not as great a presence as the other two trends but it is seen in enough designer collections that I felt the need to bring it out. I find these dresses beautiful but not something I would pick for myself. You may ask, “Spanish influence what does that include?” Think of flamenco and the dancers attire. Full and Ruffled skirts with or without intricate patterns or embellishments. Again this is not a trend as big as the three previously discussed but seen enough and featured enough on multiple magazine trends, I felt I must bring it out.
Finally the last trend in the wedding world of dresses is a separate top with a skirt. Showing The upper mid-drift has been fashion relevant for sometime now. You can see this popping into bridal but it will be the least seen of the trends. It highlights beautiful features of a women IF you have the body for it. This trend is perfect for young vibrate fun brides.

What I do not see…
The trend for short dresses was so in, a couple years ago, but now it will be hard to find these dresses. If this is the look you are after, check larger bridal shops. Larger shops will give you a better chance of finding this style.
Heavy and more structured dresses will also be hidden in bridal shops, not a featured or best seller in this season.

Drum roll please! Now for my two cents…it’s my top TEN! Below are links to my favor looks of the season, check it out and tell me what you love and hate. Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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Top Ten
1. Rosa Clara-

2. Jim Hjelm-

3. Lazaro-

4. Martina Liana-

5. Ti Adora-

6. Sophia Tolli-

7. Stella York-

8. Demetrios-

9. Amare Couture Bridal-

10. Lazaro-

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